BA FM Valve Transmitter replacement project

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High Gain was engaged as a turnkey Contractor as part of BA’s FM Valve transmitter replacement project from 2019 thru 2021.

We were contracted to conduct Installations of Rohde & Swartz Liquid Cooled FM N+1 transmitter systems and some recovered Stand alone Air cooled transmitters up and down the east coast of Australia.  

This project mostly involved the installation Rohde & Swartz THR9000 Liquid cooled transmitters, where we engaged to install new Electrical Sub boards to supply the electrical ccts required, install the support structures (Cable trays, Heat exchanger frames and unistrut support systems), the transmitter cabinets and any associated PIE within the contract, plumb the system up and charge it. Once the system was installed we would then bring each service up on frequency and to Power, into a test load and confirm operation and technical compliance, prior to cutting the services to AIR.

List of sites  and involvement: –


  • Installation assistance with Mt Canobolis in Orange NSW
  • Turnkey Installs at Mt Tassie, Mt Dundas, and Mt Lawloit (Air cooled Harris Z10) across Victoria, Black Mountain RT on the sunshine Coast Queensland, Mt Burr in South Australia, and Mt Oxley In NSW (Air cooled Harris Z10).

2020 (despite the COVID outbreak,)

  • installations in Mt Ulandra, Rocky hill (Broken Hill) and starting the Mt Soma Tamworth installations, in NSW

which continued into 2021

  • simultaneous Installations Mt Soma NSW & Lookout Hill in Victoria,
  • Installations Mt Sugarloaf NSW and then Mt Lofty in Adelaide SA.
  • Mt Baranduda and Goschen in Victoria 
  • And our last site of the rollout at Mt Penang on the NSW central coast where we installed a Nautel 7.5KW air cooled Transmitter.